This season we will continue to develop our strength and conditioning program. We have full-time world-class strength & conditioning, and explosiveness coaches who have had NCAA experience and world class athletes in their circles. We will work personally with the athletes in the basketball program to maximize their strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness. Each player will have a year round training program to be executed under the supervision of our coaches.

Quality of Competition

The Panther Hoops basketball program is comprised of elite level basketball players who all have University aspirations and potential. Our goal is to provide these athletes with a competitive level of games and practices that will prepare them for college basketball. Allowing players to display their talents to the university coaching community is critical. Our annual schedule is comprised of many Canadian and American competitions, against top level talent, and viewing tournaments where university coaches and scouts will be in attendance. The schedule is designed to be one of the best high school level schedules offered in Canada or the United States.

Elite Development Training Environments

Training Elite athletes is a very complex process but most important to the training is the environment. The training environment provided by PAnther Hoops Basketball is second to none. All players have been selected based on their attitudes and abilities. They are required for participation to add to the environment, not taking away or lowering the competitive level. Our training environment is built to mimic the atmosphere and culture of a university level program. If it wouldn’t be allowed there it will not be allowed here.