Panther Hoops



Registration Policies

1. Registration System & Payment
Panther Hoops uses a secure online registration system with online payment
being required, you may use credit cards and debit cards as your method of
payment. If a parent/guardian is unable to use this system, they may contact us
for assistance.

2. Registration Fees
Panther Hoops registration fees will include the following costs:
  • Player Insurance
  • Coaching & Administration
  • Facility use
  • Uniform & Equipment

3. Pre-Registration
A pre-registration period will be provided for all returning players in advance of
the open registration. Subject to first-come, first-serve priority placement, all
players pre-registering in this time period will be guaranteed placement, prior to
the addition of new players as long as registration is completed online with
payment in full prior to the deadline date.

4. New Players – Pre Registration
We will allow pre-registration of new players in two circumstances:
  1. The new player must be a sibling of a player already registered
  2. The new player must have a parent/guardian willing to volunteer to
coach or assistant coach a team. Please note, only two coaches (head
and assistant) will be recognized per team with the respect to this policy.
All other NEW players may only be registered after returning player preregistration period has been completed.

5. Additional Children
For each additional child that is a sibling or resides in the same household, 10%
off will be given to the lowest registration fee for each additional child

6. Players Playing Up
Panther Hoops will consider requests for players to move up one Grade/Age level.
Requests must be presented in writing to the Administrator for Board of Directors
consideration and will only be permitted if a player has skills far exceeding those
expected for the age group and/or the parent of the child is needed as a coach at the
older grade level.

7. Players Uniform
Players may only participate in Panther Hoops events with the current Panther Hoops
gear as issued by Panther Hoops to them as part of their fees.

B. Hardship Financing
Panther Hoops believes that players should not be denied the opportunity to participate
due to financial hardship.

All hardship applications will be made through your funding organization of choice (i.e.,
KidSport, Canadian Tire Jumpstart or Let Kids Play). Families are responsible for:
  • forwarding their applications to your organization of choice
  • providing a copy of application to the Panther Hoops Administrator.
  • Creation of a player profile on the Panther Hoops registration system

Your organization of choice will review the applications within their budget and funding
guidelines and, if the request is approved, will forward the portion of the regular
registration fees covered to Panther Hoops.

Panther Hoops will consider, on a case by case basis, written requests for waivers of
registration fees when:
  • Any portion of the regular registration fees is not covered by a funding organisation
  • Applications for assistance that are not approved by funding organisation

*Please note Panther hoops will only consider waivers on registration fees portion of any program. All other costs or fees are not eligible for consideration for waiver.

C. Refunds
  • A full refund of regular registration fees will be provided where a player
chooses to withdraw due to a change in practice time/location initiated by the league*. Such refunds will not be assessed an administration fee.
  • A Refund of regular registration fees will be given for all requests
received up to two weeks (14 Days) prior to the first day of scheduled events. A $25 administration fee will be applied to these refunds.
  • No refund of regular registration will be provided where a player withdraws within two weeks of the first scheduled event or thereafter.
  • No refunds of fees will be given where:
  a. A tryout has taken place and a player is selected.
  b. Programming has been paid for in advance i.e. Tournament Fees
  • Parents/players may apply for a refund of registration fees less an
administrative fee, citing extraordinary circumstances. Such requests must be made in writing to the Board of Directors through the Administrator. The board of directors will consider such requests on an individual basis.

PLEASE NOTE – All registration transactions are subject to transaction and or processing fees.

These transaction fees are collected and retained by those vendors for processing your
registration and are not paid to nor retained by the Panther Hoops and as such cannot be
refunded in situations that fall outside of the refund policies outlined above.

* Please note that whilst Panther Hoops has written contracts confirming access to the facilities
that are used for events, due to unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances the facility provider can withdraw access to those facilities with or without notice to the. In those cases,
replacement sessions may not be possible, and refunds may not be provided.

D. NSF Cheques
It is our general policy that Panther Hoops does not accept cheques of any kind as
payment for our programs.
However, if a payment was received by Panther Hoops that is returned due to “not
sufficient funds” the payor will be assessed an administration fee of $50, in addition to
the original amount of the cheque. Individuals whose cheques are returned NSF will be
provided with the opportunity to, within 14 days of the cheque being returned, make a
secure replacement payment (the original amount plus the $50 administration fee) via

All future payments must be made through our online payments system with credit card
or debit card.

Participants may not continue to participate/register if they have an amount outstanding.
  E. Health
  1. Illness
As per Public Health regulations, participants, parents and observers should not train or access the facility, if they meet any of the below criteria:
  • You have been diagnosed with a contagious illness, or are waiting to hear the results of
a lab test for illness
  • You have symptoms of a contagious illness, even if mild
  • You have been in contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed case of a contagious
  • You have been told by public health that you may have been exposed to a contagious
  • You have returned from travel outside Canada within the last 14 days; and/or You have
returned from another province within Canada (i.e. interprovincial travel) with
symptoms of a contagious illness
  • Should an individual exhibit symptom of an illness, while in the facility, they are required
to immediately notify a coach, leave the facility as soon as possible and contact their
physician for further advice.
  • Individuals exhibiting symptoms of illness are strongly encouraged to consult a medical
professional as soon as possible.
  • Participants who have been diagnosed and recovered from contagious illness must
provide medical clearance (written note) from their physician before returning to

2. Injury
  a. Concussions
Any player receiving a head injury, resulting in losing consciousness, dizziness, or nausea
may be released only to a parent in attendance or an ambulance will be called. If an
ambulance is called, then the coach will attempt to notify the parents utilising contact
info provided on player profile