Panther Hoops Alumni

Glen Loehle

Position: Conditioning Coach & Elite Team Associate Coach
  • Glen started competitive running when he was 9 years old. He is one of 4 brothers, which may explain why he started running at such an early age.
  • His athletic ability led him to the Elite Track and Field High School (Michael Power, Toronto Ontario) where Glen won an Ontario Gold, and set an Ontario record in the 4x100m relay.
  • After high school, Glen moved to Trinidad where he started his career as a baker under his father’s tutelage, who was a master baker himself. Glen moved from Trinidad to Toronto and then to BC after his 2 sons were born.
  • Glen started his coaching career in BC, by helping out with his sons’ baseball, basketball and school track and field teams.
  • Glen’s accolades in coaching came in 2001, when he coached winners of the 100m and 200m individual races, and the 2nd place boys and 4th place girls track and field teams in the BC Finals.
  • Glen was a conditioning coach with the Centennial Boys Basketball Team, and guided them to many achievements including a top 10 title and an undefeated season in 2018.
  • Glen is the conditioning coach for the Coquitlam West Basketball Club (CWC), which has steadily produced competitive players at the high school level.