Lucas Green

Forward | 6'6" | 190 lbs


32 | Lucas Green


Born in Vancouver, BC in 2006, Lucas is the youngest member of the Panther Hoops prep team program. Lucas is a physically strong player and is quickly learning his basketball fundamentals. Already at 6’6” and 190lbs Lucas has the size and strength to keep up with older players while showing strong on-court instincts and basketball IQ.

Lars Hansen, ex-NBA player and Canadian basketball hall of famer, is mentoring Lucas to help him realize his potential. Lars’ individual training with Lucas has accelerated Lucas’ development as a basketball player. As one of Canada’s great basketball bigs, Lars has been instrumental in moving Lucas quickly along his big-man basketball journey. 

Lucas comes from a long line of elite athletes; his grandfather was drafted by the NHL Detroit Red Wings and was an all-star hockey player in Europe. Lucas’s great, great grandmother, Madge Sires, was the first woman figure skater to win Gold at the Olympics while his great aunt won an Olympic silver medal in swimming. Lucas is working hard to maintain this family standard of excellence.

As Lucas continues to grow in size, he is working hard to improve his physical attributes, skills and understanding of the game. Through the strong coaching of the Panther Hoops staff Lucas has significantly improved his skills, his basketball IQ and understands the physical requirements to play at a high level. Still only in grade 9, Lucas is dedicated to being part of the Panther Hoops program for the next few years.