BC Online Certified Teachers

BC Online School a division of Heritage Christian School HCOS is an Independent schooling program defined by the authority derived from the British Columbia Independent School Act of 1996. They provide fully qualified BC Certified teachers, support teachers, graduation advisors and technical support to make sure every student athlete is well accommodated and positioned for success. Each student works with their graduation advisor who will help set goals and make sure goals and grades are met. BC Online School is fully supportive of students and prides their reputation on the student’s success.

Panther Hoops Teaching Staff

We recognize the immense value that face-to-face instruction can bring to a student athletes success.  Panther Hoops International Basketball Academy provides this with onsite teachers & support that are trained at the high school and college levels, with a wide range of subjects and conversant with online platforms and research methodology. The interactive and flexible syllabus allows us to give extra tuition and support to students who may need the extra time or added support and will also allow advanced or gifted students to excel at their own pace.

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