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PHIBA is extremely competitive and can stand beside any prep program in North America as a competitive program for high school players. We believe to produce the best basketball players and to showcase their ability, we need to play against the best. Our program is designed to provide such opportunities. We travel to top competitions including The Bahamas, Las Vegas, Washington State, Oregon, California, and across the USA & Canada. These are, of course, fantastic opportunities for the players to be seen and to expand their player experiences. They also provide opportunities for us to be active in academics, to appreciate how travel provides the chance to learn new things about the places we visit and the world at large.

Our dedicated team of staff have knowledge of adult and youth education as well as travel experience and ensure that the players adventures will include something unique during these trips. Adding to the richness of the visits will be the freedom for players to be able to study pertinent cultural, historical or geographical sites and to engage each other in meaningful presentations upon their return. Group discussions, presentations and debriefs will form part of a rich learning platform that will help the student players appreciate their journey a little more. Of course, we don’t like to neglect opportunities to develop our players physical ability and we take every opportunity when on a trip to ensure our players get the right balance of rest, physical activity and academics.

Utilizing local ‘work out locations’ for inspiration for our development sessions. Who wouldn’t want to complete the famous Grouse Grind, when it is on our doorstep?

The benefits of travel on the mind are infinite; “With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.”  – Sandra Lake (Canadian Author)

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