Expectations on and off the court

There is an undeniable expectation that basketball players entering the Panther Hoops International Academy do so with the same mindset, that of wanting to achieve everything they can. Without any doubt this is a competitive, elite program, we attract aggressive, skilled players that have a desire to play at a higher level. Most have dreams of playing at university or overseas. We love the commitment shown by our basketball players and we will do all we can for them to be successful. 

It should be recognized that education plays a large part of that success and there are clear expectations to be met. The support and experience is in place for our players to do well, we expect their full effort in everything they do. 

Finally, as one would expect we have high standards of dress and bearing. We expect players and staff to be respectful of each other, we have a strict no bullying policy and will not tolerate any such behavior. We also have expectations that our players represent PHIBA with pride and courtesy in everything they do, on and off the court. 

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