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Every committed basketball player with a passion to represent themselves at a higher level has the motivation to do so. There are, however, stringent expectations and requirements that must be achieved for students to receive sporting scholarships or to meet standards of entry into post secondary education establishments. Students with an abundance of athletic talent may never fully reach their goals if they are not successful in meeting the academic standards required.

Education Provider – BC Online

The Panther Hoops International Basketball Academy (PHIBA) has partnered with BC Online School a division of Heritage Christian School (HCOS) to provide an outstanding online learning platform for our students to excel in their studies while pursuing a high level of sports training. The BC Online School delivers its online schooling program, defined by the authority derived from the British Columbia Independent School Act of 1996. Answering to the Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools, HCOS is evaluated and inspected on a regular basis. HCOS reports your credits and grades directly to the BC Ministry of Education to appear on students transcript. Our athletes are in good hands during their paralleled academic and sports journey.

Education tailored for elite players

The school provides maximum flexibility to their delivery of fully online, hybrid or individualized courses, and will also consider previous credit offerings. Grade 10-12 PHIBA (or grade 13) students will be able to select the mandatory and elected courses over the course of their study and working with teachers, classroom assistance and councilors devise a unique road to success. The willingness of HCOS to work with the demanding travel and training program of PHIBA athletes is remarkable and reduces the stress in meeting artificial schedules & deadlines assigned to a regular school curriculum. The flexibility of working with deadlines ensures that when the athlete needs to travel and be focused on their game, they can be.

In addition to the support and assistance provided by the remarkable staff at HCOS, Panther Hoops International Basketball Academy recognize their role in basketball player development on and off court. We are lucky to have a deep bench of fully qualified teachers, ex professional athletes, highly educated and supportive coaching staff and community leaders supporting our basketball and academic program. Each of these outstanding people are committed to the program and are available to provide help, support, guidance or simply an ear to all our students. Whether a basketball player needs academic assistance, or advice on nutrition, training or has other areas of concern, we ensure there is a safe outlet for the students to express themselves and be heard.

The self-paced learning is fundamental to the success of the athlete and PHIBA will work tirelessly to make sure standards are met. The sport and educational requirements are intrinsically linked. The consistent message is that students must apply themselves in all areas of their work. Each student will have their own achievable goals and this will be an expected level of accomplishment.

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