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A commitment to excellence

Playing high school basketball is an achievement for any athlete. High school programs may also be competitive, and a student may work tirelessly to play at that level. Joining PHIBA is going to need an elevated level of commitment. We pride ourselves on a program that matches college and university level commitment and effort, in our schedules and workouts. We train up to six days a week, and with the unique ability to provide school at the same location, we can train aspects of fitness and basketball for several sessions a day without jeopardizing academics. 

Our players need to be committed, both physically and mentally, and want to be here. They must understand the importance of educational success, this is not just an opportunity to play more basketball. This program is a serious commitment, a real opportunity in life to be successful and be part of something special. Student athletes will travel, learn, and meet teammates with similar drive and ability. Our goal is to ensure our student athletes reach a level of achievement that most will not and could not reach without the experience provided at PHIBA.

The commitment is to: 

  • work & play hard and with purpose
  • attend training sessions when tired
  • fulfill school requirements
  • be your best on and off the court
  • participate in all activities and be ready and available to play

The Panther Hoops International Basketball Academy is a full-time commitment, so that rules afforded to NCAA Scouts can be honored. The Academy is not for players that like to be affiliated with many teams and seek out various coaches, it is a true commitment to this world class Academy.

There is also an expectation that the students will also be supported at home, be that overseas or locally.  We are competitive in price point, a not for profit, and the student athletes are the true benefactors of the tireless work done by the staff at PHIBA.

We are busy all year with fundraising efforts and appreciate all families being active in helping to raise funds and supporting club activities. You as family are a big part of the Academy’s future success. 

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