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Meeting Covid-19 Safety Protocols

It is a great time in our lives as we cooperatively find effective ways to manage through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Panther Hoops Basketball has worked to develop an effective delivery plan using the BC Government protocols issued in early May. We have submitted our plan to the authorities and feel we are able to effectively navigate through using these protocols. This facilitates Panther Hoops Basketball to deliver a high quality effective program for developmental to elite players.

This program will use ALL TYPES of facilities as they become available to the public. It will provide up to 4 potential ‘Sessions’ for players to participate in each week as weather and facilities permit.

Each session will be divided into small groups of no more than 6 players/group. So a maximum of a 6-1 player/coach ratio will be followed regardless of location or facility and adjusted according to BC Protocols. ALL players must bring their own basketball.

In order for players to participate in the sessions, players will have to have purchased a ‘Sessions Punch Card’. These cards can be purchased on this website through the age group links below. Once the 16 Session Punch Cards are completed you can go online to purchase another.

These Punch Cards can be used for group sessions, camps(when available, 2 punches for a half day camp and 3 punches for a full day) and Individual Workout session (maximum 3 players/session). We are expecting the Group sessions to fill up relatively quickly, so if an athlete does not confirm their attendance in advance through the website portal they may not be admitted to the session.

Gear will be necessary for all participants once the availability is confirmed by our suppliers. This gear package will include Panther Hoops Basketball T-shirts and Shorts. Also included will be a reversible jersey that will be used once we, as a community reach the phase in the protocol, that will allow competition between players and teams. Extra shirts and shorts will be made available through our online store.

We are excited to get started and look forward to seeing the players again and a few new faces.

  • Refunds of registration fees will be given for all written requests received up to 2 week (14 days) prior to the first day of scheduled events.  A $25 administration fee will be applied to these refunds.
  • No refund of registration fees  will be provided where a player withdraws within two weeks of the first scheduled event or thereafter. 
  • A full refund of regular registration fees will be provided where a player chooses to withdraw due to a change in practice time/location initiated by Panther Hoops.  Such refunds will not be assessed an administration fee.
  • Parents/Players may apply for a full refund of registration fees, citing extraordinary circumstances.  Such requests must be made in writing to the Administrator.  The Board of directors will consider such requests on an individual basis.
  • No refunds of fees will be given where a tryout has taken place and a player is selected.       
  • Programming has been paid for in advance i.e. Tournament Fees