Panther Hoops

Summer Basketball Camps
Weekly camps, from July 5 - August 23

Panther Hoops is hosting co-ed summer basketball camps for all ages throughout the Summer. The camps are for boys and girls ages 6 through 18. All camps will be led by an elite group of coaches that have international and collegiate experience. Whether grassroots or elite-high school level the camps will be beneficial for off-season development.

The Den

The Den contains a full basketball court, practice court, classrooms and washroom facilities.


Ridge Meadows is a satellite training facility that contains a fill court and washroom facilities.


Using the outdoor training facility at the BC Christian Academy (BCCA), Panthers Hoops as access to 4 NBA style hoops.



Week 1

July 5 - 9

Week 2

July 12 - 16

Week 3

July 19 - 23

Week 4

July 26 - July 30

Week 5

August 2 - 6 (NO MONDAY SESSION)

Week 6

August 9 - 13

Week 7

August 16 - 20

Week 8

August 23 - 27


This camp is designed with the athlete who is striving to achieve more in mind. Athletes will be introduced to various types of training that will enhance and assist them to improve their overall athleticism and efficiency as an athlete. Periodized training models will be introduced and explained in order to assist the athlete in obtaining a complete understanding of what it means to train at an elite level. This camp will be built on the collaboration of industry professionals from Panther Hoops International Basketball Academy and Rebound Sport and Spine. Open to any athlete 14 years of age and up, willing to learn what it will take to be at the top of their game.


Panther Hoops Coaching Staff are dedicated to provide opportunity for players to develop every aspect of their game. Ultimately the  winning and losing of a basketball game can be dependent on an athletes ability to finish a play. Professional and college players display phenomenal shooting ability, extending their range well beyond the 3 point arch. They take pride in getting to the free shot line to make the extra point and there is therefore a desire by young players to emulate their idols. Panther Hoops shooting camps are a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shooting, footwork, hand position and release which will be the catalyst to developing a range of shooting techniques. Through drills, shooting scenarios and games, athletes will be exposed to a variety of shots, finishes and will have an opportunity to develop and refine their technique under expert coaching eyes. Growing as a shooter will require dedication, and practice but having the right foundation and technique, increases the likelihood  of turning a good shooter, into a great shooter.


As part of Panther Hoops specialized camps series, we are proud to offer a camp that is dedicated to athlete development and focuses on the skills required to be an effective player in and around the key.  Our “Inside Game” Camp will provide expert tuition in playing close to the hoop. We will learn how to maximise footwork and body position to gain an advantage of space over an opponent, how to make a solid platform and target, to receive an incoming pass, and to be able to finish with both hands under physical pressure. Dominating the paint is an art, it is a skill that young players often leave out of their toolbox for the want to shoot and dribble. Although historically the under the hoop game was designed for taller and physically strong players we recognize that many of the inside game skills are transferable. Rebounding, left and right hand close to rim finishing, footwork and post play as well as defensive concepts will be explored and practiced. We encourage budding inside players and those athletes who want to enhance a specialist skill set to attend. Play big, play hard, be tenacious and smart and rack up those statistics!


From a young age, athletes aspire to be the next big name in basketball. The position of Guard is one that is seen as a leader of the team, learning how to dribble is only a small part of the Guard’s skillset. This camp will focus on what it takes to be a Guard, how to develop basketball IQ to make the position your own. Fast paced and multi-skilled this camp will teach a player how to push a ball up court, how to handle, pass and read the court. A Guard has to play for the team or the team will not play for the Guard. Decision- making and being assertive are just two of the important components of a Guard’s game, knowing when to drive, pass and shoot, and how to bring other players into a game are key components of this camp. Taught by experienced coaches, Panther Hoops will provide drills, exercises, and games to explore the Guard position and expose the importance of truly understanding what makes a college level guard.


Skills Camps are a fundamental in any players development. Panther Hoops Coaches bring decades of experience and are dedicated to provide athletes with every opportunity to be the best they can. This camp will keep the athletes busy, a fast paced and comprehensive look at the fundamental skills required to play basketball can be expected. Skills of ball handling, defensive footwork and positioning, shooting, passing, and court movement and positioning are all fundamental skills that will developed. As the athlete’s progress this will become more challenging, looking to maximise and extend the capability of each player. If a student isn’t working hard and pushing themselves they are not getting better, our coaches will expect and encourage each camper to get better. Players will work hard and should expect to participate in a comprehensive program of basketball receiving top quality coaching that can be taken away for individual practice.

All Panther Hoops Basketball Summer camps have B.C Stage 3 approved protocols in place. These camps require each player to bring their own basketball and water bottles due to Covid-19 protocols in effect. All players will have a designated drop off area before entering the camp area. Upon arrival they will complete a quick Covid-19 questionnaire and temperature check. Players will have sanitizer available before, during, and after camp. Antibacterial wipes will also be available for things like wiping basketballs if required. Players will be placed in small groups at the camp.

  • Refunds of registration fees will be given for all written requests received up to 2 week (14 days) prior to the first day of scheduled events.  A $25 administration fee will be applied to these refunds.
  • No refund of registration fees  will be provided where a player withdraws within two weeks of the first scheduled event or thereafter. 
  • A full refund of regular registration fees will be provided where a player chooses to withdraw due to a change in practice time/location initiated by Panther Hoops.  Such refunds will not be assessed an administration fee.
  • Parents/Players may apply for a full refund of registration fees, citing extraordinary circumstances.  Such requests must be made in writing to the Administrator.  The Board of directors will consider such requests on an individual basis.
  • No refunds of fees will be given where a tryout has taken place and a player is selected.       
  • Programming has been paid for in advance i.e. Tournament Fees