International Prep & Basketball Academy

  • International basketball prep program
  • National team and university level coaches
  • Grassroots and youth competitive team programs

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Welcome To The Den

Our state of the art basketball facility has a full size NBA court, separate practice court, weight room and washroom facilities.

Neufeld Farms Fundraiser

Fill your freezer with delicious gourmet foods.
Programming is available at 3 locations

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In The News

New Langley basketball facility remembers top Pitt Meadows coach Rich Goulet International prep team players unveiled “The Rich Goulet Court” in honour of the late, legendary Pitt Meadows basketball coach at the

Pandemic forces youth basketball program to take it to the street MARIO BARTEL/THE TRI-CITY NEWS David Mutabzi, right, works with one of his young charges, Skyler Nuestro, at Panther Hoops basketball camp.

Free Basketball Sessions For One Week

Panther Hoops Grassroots are offering a free week of basketball sessions for players in grades K-7.

Grade 7-12 Fall Competitive Team Tryout

Panther Hoops Competive Teams tryouts for player placement.

October 8th, 5:30pm

panther hoops


panther hoops

Our Values

There must be a solid foundation on which to build any house that will stand a long period of time. Understanding that your purpose is determined and facilitated by a creator is paramount in understanding that life will have many ups and downs. Overcoming adversity first and foremost takes faith and understanding.

Doing what is right may not build your popularity, however it inspires respect, confidence and support from others around you. Being a trusted player is integral when building a team or a young person’s character. 

We are all called to “put our hand to the plough” to develop the necessary skills, character and confidence to fulfil our potential. Hard work promotes surety in all that you do. You may not always get what you want, but you can be assured that there was nothing else that could’ve been done to reach your goals.

Unity is an extremely important factor in building a strong team. A team with a strong sense of unity builds feelings of community between it’s players, coaches and supporters. This bond will be able to pull a team through even the most adverse conditions. 

Loyalty is a key ingredient in any organisation’s success through hardship. In today’s world loyalty, commitment and trust are difficult qualities to come across and for a program, group or team to embody these character traits will set them and the people around them up for long term success.

Be the player, parent or supporter that others want to have by their side when things are difficult. Be the person who can be counted on and called on when there is a need. Do everything in your power to assist those around you. Take responsibility for all of your difficulties, as well as  your success.

Success is not measured by achievements, awards or monetary gain. It is measured by how many lives are bettered by your presence. Make it your purpose to put others before yourself. We aspire for excellence in everything we do. Failure is inevitable during the road to our ambitions, but when we focus on excellence, we glorify those who have placed us in our current position.